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Thorne 🌸 ens0.eth

coder & writer ✨ fowl farmer 🦆 she/her

Thirty-something Renaissance woman with a diverse array of expertise and successes. Primary passions are coding and writing. Always learning, always creating, always building. Dedicated to building a better, more inclusive world for all.

Selfie of me.Natsuko, a forever Galverse NFT of mine.

👩🏻‍💻 coder & tech lead

I've passionately programmed since being mentored by my grandfather starting at age eight in the mid-90s. I spent three years as Chief Technology Officer of a Y Combinator startup and am a battle-tested technical leader. I have over a decade of professional experience and over two decades of total coding experience.

I head up the tech side of a creative studio, smol farm, with my partner. To hire me to write a smart contract or help with an NFT project, please use the contract form there.

My primary dev passions are blockchains, APIs, web apps, & mobile apps. Additionally, I'm a member of Developer DAO as Dev #7793.

Languages of Focus

  • Solidity
  • TypeScript & JavaScript
  • C#

📚 writer

Since a young age, I've also had a love of writing, both fiction and non. In 2017, I was featured in the New York Times talking about anti-trans harassment on Twitter. As part of smol farm, I am the lead writer of the Substack, which discusses everything from the technology of NFTs to duck egg farming.

🦆 farmer

My grandfather, who inspired me to get into software engineering, was also a farmer (and a doctor!). Though a unique combination of expertise, he thought it was important that more people learn how to produce food themselves.

In 2019, my partner and I decided to learn about permaculture farming techniques and apply them on a little farm. We started raising ducks, chickens, and geese for eggs — and their ability to fertilize the land.


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